X5 upgrade & beyond

Hello hello, yes we’ve been very quiet of late, but we’re back with a bang, metaphorically speaking of course.

So, Icarus, our Inspire 1 is having a style upgrade to the X5 camera (have a look here) from the X3 that it came with.

There’s nothing much wrong with the X3 in its current form – it does great quality video, really great quality up to 4K and also does good quality photos however the X5 (and its Micro 4/3 sensor) is simply better in all regards.

What does it mean for you? Higher quality, more detailed pictures, better low light performance and all the flexibility a changeable lens system brings.

We’ll be installing and testing the new hardware over the next few days and we’ll provide some sample footage as soon as we can.

Here’s the beyond part – The X3 isn’t going to waste though, we’ve invested in an Osmo & accessories so we can provide 4k stabilised video from the ground as well as the air. We can mount the X5 on the Osmo when necessary but for now the X3 does what is required while we learn how to use the Osmo effectively.

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