Month: January 2017

Not quite the hotel you were expecting..

To you it’s harmless fun and a great way to capture holiday snaps to for your social media streams, to foreign countries and their governments it could be considered espionage with all that charge brings. An interesting story here of 3 unlucky, but also fortunate, foreigners in India who were grilled by various Indian security agencies after …

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Higher than a Ramos pelanty*

Creative thinkers are already using the opportunity that UAVs such as ours create to apply the information they can capture for their own specific purposes. Step forward football and other team sports. The strategic top-down view, like Sensible Soccer of olde, gives managers, coaches, analysts and the players, live or recorded footage from a hitherto …

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You Little Ripper!

A very interesting, yet unfortunate for those involved, read on the importance of ensuring that your operating procedures are correct and followed. The UAV itself was valued at $250,000 dollarydoos, that’s just north of £150,000. On its own one-way adventure out to sea and bugger all you can do. Expensive, embarrassing and a perfect illustration …

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