Not quite the hotel you were expecting..

To you it’s harmless fun and a great way to capture holiday snaps to for your social media streams, to foreign countries and their governments it could be considered espionage with all that charge brings.

An interesting story here of 3 unlucky, but also fortunate, foreigners in India who were grilled by various Indian security agencies after flying their aircraft somewhere they shouldn’t have been. It reminds us of the tale from yesteryear where some plane-spotters were sentenced to jail by the Greek authorities for innocently taking pictures of planes.


Your next hotel if you’re not careful

The people in India were lucky, they were released. It could easily have been a lot worse for them if the authorities had not seen their idiocy for what it was.


Other governments or individuals may not be so generous or friendly and you could easily end up in a place like the picture for a generous length of time, a lot longer than your holiday allowance that’s for sure.




The moral of the story is if you are taking your aircraft abroad, spend some good time researching the country’s espionage & drone flying laws and also the area where you intend to take pictures so you can make an informed decision as to whether it’s maybe better to leave it at home or to take it to get those pictures.

Fly safe!



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