Higher than a Ramos pelanty*

Creative thinkers are already using the opportunity that UAVs such as ours create to apply the information they can capture for their own specific purposes. Step forward football and other team sports.

The strategic top-down view, like Sensible Soccer of olde, gives managers, coaches, analysts and the players, live or recorded footage from a hitherto unavailable point of view to use in existing workflows or to aid in developing new ones.

There’s a great post in more detail from another blog back in August last year here

One solution, see here, is a tethered UAV, one that trails an electrical umbilical back to a much larger reservoir of power than traditional onboard batteries.

Lifelike recreation of using a tethred drone for recording training




We’d love to show you some of the footage but teams tend to keep it in-house for competitive advantage. have a quick Google and see what we mean. We can’t use any of the images available as they’re copywritten material.









Now with the fuel supply sorted to last the training sessions, the only issue is whether the players can “Route 1” high enough to bring them down!


* pelanty – © Chris Waddle whenever he commentates on 5 Live

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