Packing it in: UPDATE

Quick update to our previous post. We’ve got ourselves a new ride and we’re stoked about it.

We took her (or him) for a few spins during the week and while there were other candidates with more creature comforts, the fun factor of smiles per gallon was just too high to say no to.


What we think we’ll be doing…


We’d never dream of driving like you see above, LiPo batteries tend to be quite unforgiving about being shaked, rattled ‘n’ rolled and it’s not really professional to roll the car on its roof in front of a client…and it’s also got to be suitable for tootling along M-ways & A-roads and inching up and down the traffic jams of Britain so we’ve not gone full jungle explorer!

What this does mean though is that wherever the site is we can get probably get there in the minimum of fuss and we can get out again to get your imagery to you!

In the meantime “enjoy” some of these wincingly painful offroad failures. We hope not to be appearing in the ilk any time soon.



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