Night fever, night feverrrrr

We know how to do it!

Very happy day for us here at Remote Perspectives towers. After a few hitches internally at the CAA our brand new PfCO was emailed to us and they have granted us *drum roll please* NIGHT PERMISSIONS  – in addition to the standard daytime permissions that most commercial operators receive.

Hopefully you’re getting a sense of our excitement at being bestowed with this, we love flying at night as hobbyists and being able to offer and extend our services for the hours of darkness is positively thrilling for us.

Just as UAVs have opened up a door on completely new perspectives on the world , permissions for flights during the hours of darkness legally push that door open to so much more. Now the night permissions have been confirmed we’ll start to post up some images to show how awesome the world is from above at night. It also means we’ve got more website editing to do.

One point we feel worth stressing is that we do not have reduced distance permissions for night flights as other night permitted operators usually have, we can fly the full 500m/400ft envelope day or, from now, night.

So just think, that scene needed at night? Tick. That gorgeously lit architectural wonder? Tick. Night thermal imaging looking for heat sources without the noise of natural daytime emissivity? Tick. Long exposure night traffic pictures? Tick. Just tick, tick tick. We’re stoked, hope you are too.

One last thing though, we couldn’t let this blog post slide without ear-worming the tune that’s being going through our heads that helped inspire this post. Ladies & gentlemen, the Bee Gees:


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