Typical British Whether..

Britannia and her moodswing weather.

So we planned a lens comparison shoot today to bring you some perspective on the different cameras and lenses we use and the stark difference in shot they provide from the same point in space. As inferred from sad doggo, it didn’t quite work out that way.

As is customary we checked the weather a few days out from the planned shoot. Saturday looked bad, Sunday looked better and Monday looked pretty bad again. OK we said, Sunday AM it is, it’s looking good, let’s do it.

Checked the weather yesterday, still looking good for Sunday! Charge the batteries Saturday night, prep the paperwork and the other tasks we do.

But..but…you said it would be dry!

Sunday AM…….Oh for f….., this wasn’t supposed to happen!

Even with robust procedures in place and access to mind-boggling resources in the palm of your hand, Mother Nature can always pop the balloon of hope with the sharp pin of drizzling defeat & disappointment.

UAVs, certainly some of the larger hex and octocopters have exposed electronics of them which renders them very vulnerable to raindrops, smaller off-the-shelf quads have a body shell but still retain some exposure to the elements.

Weatherproofing (and therefore also whetherproofing!) UAVs, certainly in the sub 7 & 7-20kg categories, that are widely used could be considered desirable for a lot of countries where the weather means the whether crops up frequently. What must be remembered though is that even if the aircraft is weatherproofed then the sensors that they carry may not be.

We’ve yet to see the usefulness of a camera/sensor with raindrops spotted over it, so it just might be that improving moisture resistance is a low priority design improvement – caveat being that if the sensor is pointing straight down, say for mapping and crop analysis, then weatherproofing the aircraft might indeed be beneficial.

Either way our planned shoot has been washed away, today at least.

The silver linings to this particular cloud are demonstrating that there are times when, despite our best efforts, we simply cannot fly even if we wanted to and that today has been a wonderful lesson in accepting that when things that aren’t under your control conspire against you, it’s still a chance to do something positive and productive.

To be continued…..



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