Hype! Hype!! Hype!!! Hyperlapse!!!!

One of the coolest innovations to come out of the drone photography world over the last year or so are hyperlapses. ”

What’s a hyperlapse?!” we hear the cry from the internet.Well…..

A hyperlapse is a timelapse with motion. It doesn’t need to be airborne, ground hyperlapses have been around for a while however thanks to advances in control & sensor quality (with more than a splash of creativity!) it’s gven birth to some stunning stunning creations.

As a shining example, see this Shanghai Hyperlapse from a very talented chap called Sherman Chen.

<Disclaimer – This would normally be so illegal in the UK so don’t try it at home kids OK!>


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHZG09YetAY[/embedyt]


His website is www.8kraw.com (not https). It contains numerous other examples of his talent, still and moving, from land and air. Check him out.

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