8k..8k!! Ate Kay!!!!

We’ve upgraded our 360° capabilities recently. We’re now custodians of a 8k resolution 360° rig. The upgrade in quality is just “wow”.

But my TV is only HD/4k, so why 8k?

You have to think of the difference between normal video vs 360° media where you’re not actually seeing most of the video. Typical human field of vision is 114° side-to-side – let’s say it’s 120° for ease of maths – so you’re missing 2/3 of the video all the time. That’s 2/3 of the pixels you’re missing and this is not counting the things above and below you’re also missing! This is why the higher resolution video you have the better. You may be missing more pixels but importantly you’re seeing more pixels too. Makes sense right?

We’ll get some full-res video up on our Youtube channel in due course so click the link and subscribe so you get to see it once we’ve posted it.

Here’s a visual representation of the difference in pixel counts and how it scales:

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