Seeing is Be-leave-ing – Roof Inspections

Please excuse the pun.

We were tasked with conducting a roof inspection to see anything untoward contributing to leaks when there was heavy rain. It was our pleasure to help.

Once all the appropriate checks and risk assessments had been completed – in the days leading up to the mission and on the day itself – we were good to go early one cold Saturday morning when the sun came out.

Full Gutter

Once up in the sky it can be straightforward to see when something’s awry. The horror thoughts of expensive roof repairs can quickly be banished and the pragmatic solution seen clear as day. House repairs are never on a Christmas list but at least knowing what needs to be done can be better than fearing the unknown.

Using a 2-person system it’s trivially easy for the client to see exactly what we are seeing and provide appropriate direction on special attention areas. The 7x zoom camera system also allows an appropriate safe distance to be maintained from the property under inspection as and when necessary.

While up there, we took the opportunity to gather information about the chimneys and one situational shot.

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