Focussing on the details

One of the great aspects of flying Small Unmanned Aerial Surveillance (SUAS) vehicles – to give them their official name – is that you put a camera in places they couldn’t go before. Just putting a camera initially was sufficient, in some cases nowadays that’s still sufficient. The niggle is the vast majority of cameras on these vehicles are wide aperture fixed focal length cameras. We get it, they’re progressing from GoPros that people used and are small, light with minimal moving parts. It’s give & take, a compromise and it’s a compromise that we’re also happy with for some requirements.

The niggle remains and there are times when pilot skill isn’t enough in getting what you want to see. This is where controllable zoom lenses shine. One of our arsenal’s tools is a camera that has 7x zoom, 7x!! We conducted a quick test with it last week and see for yourself the difference.

As you can see it’s quite an impressive zoom capability to have – add in that it’s fully integrated so you have full control of the camera from the ground and it’s winner winner chicken dinner in our books.

Having a capable zoom on the camera opens up a world of possibilities – pictorially you can stay further away, or see in more detail; cinematically you have a wider palette of available shots and perspectives to utilise.

Are there downsides? We can’t think of any, how about you?

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