DJI Open up the Mini 2 SDK

Good news for all the owners and users of the fantastic wee DJI Mini2 – over a year after it was released – that DJI have opened up the SDK for this and fellow Mini SE & Air 2 aircraft to developers.

So, what is a SDK?

SDK is a Software Development Kit. What it does is open up the inner workings of a platform for use by developers to add/modify features that the original software platform did not have or had but was not enabled.

Owners of these aircaft can now look forward to 3rd parties unlocking their full capabilities to bring them into line with other DJI platforms that have had their SDKs opened up previously such as the Inspire 2 and the Phantom platforms. Have a butchers at what DJI themselves say.

What will it do?

Mini2 aircraft up to now have been relatively hobbled in that there was no Follow Me mode, the ability to perform waypoint directed flights was lacking and others. The hardware was caapable however it was ultimately a choice from DJI – I would suggest a marketing/sales driven choice – to limit the platform capabilities to not eat into the sales for other similar platforms they had (and indeed have) at time of release.

Now a suitable amount of time has passed it is opening it up. We’re really looking forward to see what the makers of software like Litchi & Drone Deploy can do with this SDK, however who know how long it will take to fully realise the capabilities of these platforms.

Why does this benefit me?

Simply put that when the tools available can provide a wider range of options, easier, and likely quicker with higher consistency, there’s no downsides.

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