Google Wing – and automated aerial deliveries

OK we get it, this is confirmation bias in action. We love drones so anything that involves drones and new applications is probably going to be a thumbs up from us. This video is worth a watch, as are some of the other more recent videos published by the Wing channel.

Introducing Google Wing

Localised usefulness

Whereas Amazon’s Air offering – what happened to that? – was more than likely always going to be skewed towards enabling their sole delivery pf items, Wing by all accounts is more of an enabling platform that other businesses can take advantage of. Yes yes there’s the arguments about allowing yourself to be wrapped up in Google’s incredibly long tentacles but why not take advantage of a platform if it allows your business to do something disruptive or to increase your competitiveness over other providers of similar things?

As the Wing team members themselves say, there’s a lot applications for peer to peer contactless deliveries that haven’t been thought of yet. Basic and immediate applications like disaster relief, medicine distribution, food distribution, sending items to your friends direct from your own place of choosing sounds nice. Certainly it would facilitate a lot more local trade on second hand sites, airborne peer to peer delivery adds another great string to the bow of options available. Obviously the size of items that can be sent will be restricted however items of clothing, certainly children’s clothing, jewellery, mobile phones and other knick-knacks could be sent within a few minutes of purchase. Literally heaven sent if it’s getting you out of a jam!

Delivery example for our services

For instance, you have some amazing new jewellery piece to go up on your website and you need a 360 product model building for it. You open the Wing App on your phone and tell them the rough dimensions, weight and destination of the jewellery as well as your preferred pickup location. You pay and I get a notification asking for a landing slot, I highlight the area on Google Maps and before you know it a Wing drone is hovering above your pickup location. You put the jewellery in the bag and up up and away goes the drone across the Peterborough skyline. A few minutes later we hear a whirring of motors overhead and a bag containing a piece of jewellery is lowered onto our preferred drop point. The emptied bag and its aircraft zip off to run another errand or return home for a battery charge. We mount the jewellery onto our equipment and take the required pictures. Once we’re happy we have the base level imagery we order another drone delivery and an hour or two after it left the jewellery is back in your possession once more.

Don’t know about you but that sounds pretty neat to us.

I’m sure the more enterprising of you out there can think of a few other applications of various legal standing straight off the bat too…but we digress.


Although it may seem far fetched, pointless perhaps at this time, history is littered with examples of under-estimation of demand and usefulness and we think that platforms like this – once the technology is proven – will become second nature in our ever increasing demand for instancy in so many facets of our lives.

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