Overhead oblique angle shot of London Tower Cranes in storage

London Tower Cranes

Like so many of the impromptu flights we take, we drove past it – this time at night – and wanted to see how it would look from the air. So, find a safe TOL area, check for NOTAMs etc and away we go! Have to admit, the colours that this company have their cranes in just added to the general great look of the pictures in our opinion

Looking straight down on London Tower Cranes

This next picture is interesting not only from the colours of the various component of crane that’s in the frame but on the left hand side, the light that’s shining, that’s the night watchman doing his job and investigating what’s flying round the airspace above the yard. Anyway, well done to him for doing his job and remote apologies if we spooked you at all while conducting this flight.

Watching the watcher

There’s something about this next composition that we think rocks. The inky blackness of the background outside the crane compound contrasts beautifully with the incredibly well lit main yard. Hate to think what their energy bills are going to be!

Staring down the barrel of a London Tower Crane

There are some more pictures on the main album on our media website here.

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