Overhead shot of Whitworth flour mill by night

Whitworth Bros. Flour Mill by night

Our original target of this flight was the old household recycling centre in Dosgthorpe, Peterborough – the right hand half of the red circle in the picture below. We did take some pictures but it wasn’t particularly well lit or interesting so our attention turned to the brightly lit structures adjacent to it (the left hand side of the red circle in the circle below) where trucks used to go into and come out of at regular intervals while people were queueing to get rid of the weekend’s hedge clippings..

Google maps clip of the area around Dogsthorpe where the flight took place.
Flight location in Dogsthorpe, Peterborough

Night flights can be hit or miss depending on the lighting that the subject has and the natural contrast that night provides can provide a focus on the subject when lit well. Day flights in this area – although technically legal with the aircraft being under 250g – could be problematic in terms of traffic volume, nuisance and distraction if visited upon without invitation so the more appropriate solution was the night flight.

If you’ll notice too in the gallery and on the Maps clip above, there is the A15 running adjacent to the flour mill and that’s still a relatively well used road at night so without wishing to contravene the ANO we declined to fly over that during the flight.

Whitworth Bros Flour mill by night

Not being experts in flour mills it would be very interesting to get some kind of function breakdown of the different areas of the site. Three distinct groups of buildings must mean they have very different and discrete functions, probably very different environments too. We’ll contact them and see if they can provide any further information on these groups of buildings.

This is only one picture to whet the appetite, there are several more in the gallery on our media site. Fly on over to the gallery on our media site and have a look at the rest of the pictures from the flight here

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