360° Product Photography

Your online products, interactive

Use your mouse or the buttons at the bottom of the picture to click & drag the model around.

The 3 red hotspots are visible to purposefully illustrate them. They draw attention to specific features, materials or areas of interest you want your shoppers to know about and by embedding hyperlinks into those hotspots you can then direct your shoppers wherever you want them to go. Being optional they can be left out completely, individually or collectively revealed when your mouse hovers over them or left without any active revelation. Hotspot, text colours and control buttons are customisable so all can be individually tailored to you.

Why use 360 Product Photography?

They sell more product!

  • Increased engagement – allowing the people you are selling to to virtually walk round or handle the product and view it from all sides like they would do in shops.
  • Increased brand confidence – Increased transparency and extra information through hotspots about your products reduces doubts that people may harbour by not being able to see everything
  • Visual Stimulation – A level of interactivity unmatched by normal product photography that brings your online e-commerce store or product advertisements to bricks-and-mortars store levels
  • Raised conversion rates – Compared to traditional flat photography, 360 Product Photography can raise conversion rates by 27%* compared to flat pictures of the same items.
  • Reduced returns – 22%* of all online returns are because the item looks different from the flat product photo
  • Positive Purchasing Influence – over 75% of eCommerce shoppers say product pictures are very influential** when they’re deciding whether they want to buy a product online!

*Source here **Source here

Multiple Product States

Our service also allows for multiple states of a product as well as 360 viewing. This is a wonderful (external) demonstration on a Lego Empire State Building. You can click and drag the model horizontally same as the watch but you can now also click and drag vertically to move through the various build states.

We love this ability to add states. It can be something as simple as removing a coverplate to show inside or the various build states of a dish on a menu, your imagination is the limit with your products.

In the Coronavirus era

To fully appreciate the value this service brings, you also have to view it through the prism of novel Coronavirus.

Like it or not, social distancing, increased hygiene measures from repeated touching & handling and lower footfall (either through legislation or through people’s reluctance to visit physical stores or outlets) are going to be part and parcel of all our lives in the UK for longer than is publicly talked about. 360 product photography helps you circumvent this impact by providing your shoppers with as close a hands-on experience as is practicable, remotely handling your product from all around with no need to visit.

How do I get it?

  • Visit our store and place an order to register your interest and we’ll be in touch immediately.
  • Send us an email
  • Whatsapp or call us on 07936357169