Services & Applications

Typical Services We Offer

360° Panoramas – perfect for your business website or embedding into Google Earth and other street-level services.

360 Product Photography – interactive informative models of your products

360° Videos – 

Aerial Photography/Videography – a flying camera, it has many applications.

Timelapse/Hyperlapse Ground based timelapses generally allow for finer granularity vs the aerial option that allows a broader comparison of the same views from the same flightpaths days/weeks/months apart. A hyperlapse is generally classified as a timelapse sequence but from video. They can give smoother results a traditional timelapse because of this.

General Photography – Usually offered in addition to one of the more exotic photography services we offer however we are open to discussions on your needs

Typical Applications For Our Services

Inspection Services – buildings, bridges, chimneys, masts, turbines, anywhere above head height, we can take a peek.

Real Estate/Buildings – buying or selling property, use our airborne eye to reveal what you want from above, or from the ground you can let virtual reality tours do the rest.

Tourism/Promotion – See real estate

Mapping & Surveying – digital photogrammetry and measurements of extended areas compiled from stitched & processed overhead images

2D/3D Modelling – taking mapping one step further to create digital representations of real world objects. Incredible.

Golf Course Flyovers & Tours – see what the eagles and albatross see.

Event Streaming/Recording – Socially distanced DJ set? Intimate concert? Performance art? Whatever the event it can be captured in 360° for posterity to be uploaded and replayed elsewhere or can be streamed live across the world on social media platforms such as Youtube of Facebook.


Of course we haven’t covered everything here, if there’s an application or a need you’re screaming out for, reach out to us to discuss.