Inspection services

Damage assessment or preventative maintenance, we gather evidence to drive informed, targeted decisions on addressing current or managing developing issues. Using aerial platforms removes the requirements of scaffolding, hoists or cherry-pickers prior to repairs actually taking place, driving costs and human risk down.

Live video stream from the aircraft , either to viewing monitors onsite, or a private livestream viewed over the internet*, allows for direction of inspection.

Post-flight image/video delivery to the client provides for easy embedding in reports, documents, emails wherever a thousand words are best expressed visually.

This to the left is an extreme example of a rusted tin roof, however it illustrates the level of detail even a stock wide lens can capture.

Our zoom lenses can capture greater levels of detail and/or operate at safer distances.

Inspection Zoom

Side by side comparison of the advantages of optical zoom when dealing with inspection tasks

Houses, factories, chimneys, masts, apartments, office blocks, any place where it is hard, time consuming, dangerous or inefficient to deploy traditional inspection techniques, our platforms can compliment or replace outright.

Inspection like this doesn’t always require aircraft, for inspections closer to the ground we have modified equipment that can provide this service for when aircraft are not suitable. Call us to discuss your requirements

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