Mapping the Meres

We’ve been working in partnership with Nene Park Trust recently to provide them with mapping of Heron Mere (the area around the red pin on the map).

They requested the mapping images to help improve the efficiency and efficacy of their efforts for 1) Planning future work and 2) Tackling present issues. We were more than happy to oblige.

No additional measures such as Ground Control Points were necessary.

Our tool of choice for these mapping flights was Icarus, our Inspire, with the X3 camera using DJI’s GS-Pro software. This software allows for the creation of mapping missions beforehand, so time spent onsite is used most productively.

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End-user considerations guided us to deliver 4 mapping images instead of a single entire image. This is the top quarter of Heron Mere scaled down by ~80% to 3000 pixels wide. Click on it, it’ll open in a new tab and you can see it in a bit more detail.

By using Google Maps (or equivalent) as a baseline from the past few years, Nene Park Trust get a ballpark idea of how much the area has changed over a period of time.

With these maps Nene Park Trust now have a defined baseline in addition to the original Google Map image to build a mapping reference library to track changes.

As the mapping missions are saved, they can be accurately repeated when necessary enabling easy juxtaposition & manipulation.

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High resolution images of Heron Mere Quarter 1:

High res jpeg (~40MB)

High res. TIFF (~650MB!!)






High resolution images of Heron Mere Quarter 2:

High res jpeg (~32MB)

High res. TIFF (~540MB)






High resolution images of Heron Mere Quarter 3:

High res jpeg (~20MB)

High res. TIFF (~340MB)






High resolution images of Heron Mere Quarter 4:

High res jpeg (~30MB)

High res. TIFF (~500MB)


In summation, the ability to see large areas in good detail opens new avenues of valuable information that can improve workflow efficacy &/or efficiency by allowing change to be recorded, identification made easier, planning made easier and increased stakeholder ownership and involvement through the provision of novel mapping imagery.

Finer resolution is easy to capture if required, periodic repeats a cinch, models and imagery supply straightforward. Detailed models of buildings and structures can also be generated as part of the mapping process with relative ease.

While Nene Park Trust continue to reap the benefits of easy detailed mapping imagery, we hope that this provides the spark of inspiration to apply this or similar to your business or enterprise.

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