Our prices are very reasonable; they’re set as such for tasks where no special measures are required, particularly when flying drones.

We’re totally transparent over pricing, we’ve got nothing to hide. We’re comfortable that we provide excellent value for money which is why our work is backed up by our money-back guarantee. If what we provide doesn’t meet your specifications and we can’t make it right then it’s free. Yes, free.

Flying in congested areas can quickly get expensive for both parties. Closing roads, barriers, spotters, crowd control to give just a few examples and this will, in some cases, be more hassle than it’s worth.

This is why every purchase in our shop goes through an assessment procedure with you first before asking you to finally commit. The assessment procedure highlights risks & difficulties that may require mitigation or over and above what we provide for “normal” jobs.

We also understand that there are occasions when our sliced and diced packages will just not suit your needs, we get that. The best thing to do then is talk to us to discuss your requirements and ask for a quote. We don’t bite.

Call us on:

Office – 01733 306292

Mobile: 07936 357169

Or if you prefer to avoid talking, use our contact form:

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