No Mates Rates?

  • “My mate’s mate’s got one of them drone things and he can do it for £50, why can’t you?”

We would guess that they’re unlicensed & uninsured. An illegal operator. An unqualified amateur with commensurate awareness or regard for safety, professionalism & the law. Use them if you want to save a few quid. Good luck justifying to manager/Police/HSE should an accident occur. Let’s not even discuss the level of product your mate’s mate may deliver you with minimal recourse.

  • “Can’t you just pop round, fling it up and take a few snaps from above bish-bosh?”

Erm, no. Each mission requires a degree of planning and procedure to ensure safety & legality. Some will be trivial, others less so. It genuinely depends on requirements and circumstance. Call us – 01733 306292 – to discuss your needs. If there’s a better solution for you that doesn’t involve flying, or it’s using someone else that’s capable where we’re not or it’s just not feasible, we’ll tell you, we deal in honesty.