Operational Area

Our own mini-Schengen – Visa (& Mastercard) free travel area

That map above shows a black-hole 30 miles in diameter, with us in the middle as the singularity. This is our travel circle event horizon, within this circle, all travel fees are crushed beyond existence.

If you’re outside this circle, we charge 45p/mile. “But from where?” you cry. From Peterborough, so if we were asked to go to Nottingham, we’d charge from Peterborough to Nottingham and not from the event horizon perimeter to Nottingham. Keeps it simple.

If our trip requires an overnight stay then we also charge for a hotel and reasonable expenses.

We also accept bookings from holiday locations. We encourage those. Especially the hot places, or the Outer Hebrides.

PS If you want to start drawing your own circles on maps, we got ours here.