Photomosaics. Photo. Mosaics. Photographs stitched into mosaics. That’s what they are, for when you want to see an area larger than is possible in one shot. In. Detail.

Think building site, a field, a housing development, a forest, any large area that needs looked at as a whole in a single picture. Have a look here for an example we did for the Nene Park Trust.

Because of the differing nature of these particular jobs we will be upfront that the cost of this item is the minimum that we charge for flying and processing of the images. Depending on the natureof the job, the cost will probably be higher however this will be finalised in any quote we submit once the details are known.

Purchase of this item will allow the download of the information capture form that kickstarts the process. Remember, we never ask for money at the checkout and all our work is covered by our money back guarantee.


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