Wedding Services

We work alongside your chosen wedding photographer to provide aerial image support through your special day.

You’ve got us for the day. We’ll work closely with your photographer of choice to compliment what they want to do.

We supply overhead videos, stills, 360° images, time-lapses, we bring all our services to bear so we can help ensure that your photographer has all the angles covered.

Please note that this service is dependent upon venue given the safety measures that may be required for safe, legal flight but this will be part of the initial consultation we will have either with yourself or your photographer.

Place an order for this service and we send you a link to the Wedding Services Form that allows you to tell us about your objectives before we talk. It’s easier. It’s quicker. It’s efficient.

Like all our products, this comes with a money-back guarantee if we can’t satisfy your request


Half Day 9am-1pm, Half Day 1pm-5pm, Half Day 5pm-9pm, Full Day 9am-9pm


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