Preparation is Key

“Before anything else, preparation is key to success”

Alexander Graham Bell

Simple, yet genius.

Helping to sell your house – Why tidy?

Moving house is one of the most stressful things you’ll do. Help minimise this stress and maximise the appeal and draw of your house to buyers by investing time and effort into ensuring it’s as attractive as possible in any pictures you use. We would recommend taking the following steps to maximise your investment in our time and skills:

For Interior shoots:

  1. Tidy! We can’t stress this enough. Be ruthless, especially if you’re looking to move, declutter your life, hide away the day to day cans of anti-perspirant or kitchen cleaner.
  2. Don’t stop at just tidying, polish polish polish. Cameras never lie (It’s the post-editing that does the lying nowadays). If your windows are smudged with small jam hands or the bathroom taps are scaled up a bit our cameras will pick it up.
  3. Let there be light! Switch on lights, main lights, wall lights, table lamps, hidden lights. Open the curtains, let the glorious British sunshine flood your living space. It makes for a more pleasant picture setting and allows the details to, literally, shine through.
  4. Make beds and ideally dress with pillows and throws
  5. Until you can smell fresh coffee or baked bread in pictures we can’t recommend you do this, so do something you can see, buy some flowers, place them in view. A house looks more of a home with flowers on display.
  6. Consider rearranging the furniture to maximise floorspace in the pictures.
  7. Make the bed….and choose covers/throws that compliment the room colours. Hide stuff under the bed, close any wardrobe/cupboard doors.
  8. Toilet seat down. Yes. Really. Folded towels, again complimenting the room colouring.
  9. Close the shower curtain, if you can, it helps hide things. Temporarily remove the gels, ungents, shampoos, conditioners if they can’t be hidden.

For Exterior Shoots

  1. Mow the lawn and weed and tidy flower beds
  2. Move the bins and any cars/bikes/other distractions from the driveway
  3. Clean the windows (jam hands again)
  4. Paint and touch up exterior where required.
  5. In summer, put out the garden furniture if appropriate but remember not to clutter.
  6. Think of the light, use forecasts to aid your booking times in terms of what day. Think also of what time the sun is in the best position to illuminate your house and gardens.
  7. Use a broom or similar to clear away any cobwebs or debris in door frames or eaves that may contribute to a degradation in kerb appeal.

The time required for tidying prior to a shoot can be easy to underestimate, take a few minutes, get a cup of tea and write down the relevant tidying you’ll need to do and write down the time you think it’ll take to do it, then add half again. Now you’ve got a good ballpark figure of how much time you need spare to prepare properly before a shoot so you can look to book accordingly.