VR Tours

VR Tours are a series of stitched 360 images taken in different places, acting as nodes, linked together through a series of hotspots which act as the links between the nodes. The viewer jumps through from one picture to another using the hotspots giving movement between the locations where the pictures were taken. The layout of the nodes in combination with the hotspots allows the user to be guided round a tour of whatever the subject area is.

The software that’s used to create the tours has features that go beyond the basic functionality described above. You can embed music, videos (flat or 360), pictures, hyperlinks, animations and more. They can be hosted on your own webspace or posted onto Google or other platforms.

Here’s a simple VR Tour example from 3 panoramas over the skies of Peterborough. Click and drag the picture around and jump through the hotspots by clicking on them. There’s also a very interesting looking video linked off from the cathedral too for Summer 2022!:


Booking your tour

Best way to let us know what you need is to use the appropriate form from the Customer Forms page as we have forms for both residetntial and business oriented tours. Alternatively hit the button below.